November 15, 2019

The actual Entrance towards the Western — Winnipeg Manitoba.

Winnipeg Manitoba – Big City Activities with Small Town Charm

At the convergence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers in Manitoba could be the gateway to Western Canada — the city of Winnipeg. This city happens to be a significant meeting point for travellers through the Western Great Lakes region. Many Americans come to Winnipeg to visit fishing and hunting camps in Northern Manitoba, however the city offers a whole lot more to see and savour.

Winnipeg History – Explorers and Fur Trade

In 1738, a French explorer put up a trading post in this region and almost 3 centuries later, a contemporary city of 633,000 residents. Surprisingly, it absolutely was Canada’s third largest city at one time. Today, Winnipeg enjoyed a good year economically in 2007 and is gaining prominence as a Canadian city of interest to travellers.

The completion of the first direct rail link from Eastern Canada built by the Canadian Pacific Railway allowed mass immigration and settlement of the Canadian Prairies and Winnipeg. The city of Winnipeg experienced strong growth form 1890 to 1920 with the people growing from 25,000 in 1891 to a lot more than 179,000 in 1921. In 1873, the city became a centre for transcontinental transportation and shipping, but that changed when the Panama canal was completed in 1914. Then the great depression further decimated the economy of the region and only until pre World War 2 was it revived.

Winnipeg’s Tourist Attractions

A city how big Winnipeg offers much for modern travellers. The Manitoba Museum and Planetarium is Manitoba’s largest heritage centre showcasing human and natural heritage themes. The museum’s collection includes 2.3 million artefacts, and the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection which is a Canadian national treasure. This collection spans three centuries of the pioneering company’s colourful history and has a lot more than 10,000 artifacts.

The Exchange District is multiblock section of the city contained renovated century old buildings full of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. The Cooljazz Winnipeg Festival in late June brings together top Jazz musicians for weekly of music concerts. Professional football’s Winnipeg Bluebombers are the main element sports team in the city and you are able to catch games from July to October. The Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team plays at the beautiful Canwest Park in downtown Winnipeg.

Folklorama and Fringe Theatre Festival

The city is home a number of large festivals. The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is North America’s second largest Fringe Festival, held every July and and rival other fringe festivals in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Other Winnipeg festivals include Folklorama, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg Music Festival, Red River Exhibition, and the Le Festival du Voyageur.

If you’re tired of the usual travel destinations, here is another trip to Winnipeg. The clean, refreshing environment offers lots of opportunities to see Canada’s parks and lakes firsthand and see everything from Jazz concerts to professional football.

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